Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday in Central Park

Sheep Meadow in Central Park, New York City

Instead of giving you a list of things to do in central park, and all central park attractions, I will show you how I spent my day in Central Park yesterday.

It was 2:00pm. I sat down on a bench, slowly sipping my large sized iced green tea, and just watched people

While sipping my tea, a group of larpers (Live Action Role Players) caught my eye.

I made a 90 degree turn in my bench, stared at them, and could not look away as they fought with swords and shot each other with Nerf guns.

I was so enchanted that I didn't even realize that my large, 32 ounce, tea was now gone.

I stood up and walked away from the bench. I walked towards a roller-blading party.

There was music, there was booze, and there were weird people dancing and rollerblading to an electric beat.

Once again, I loved it. I could not look away. There was even a dancing baby with shades on.

I looked at my phone at it was now about 4:00pm. I must have stood there and enjoyed these people for over an hour.

I then decided to spend $2 on a Turbo Rocket popsicle. Yes it was delicious, and yes it did turn my tongue blue. Don't judge.

I walked over to the East Side of the park. I took a few photos with my iPhone while walking, and stumbled upon a jazz band.

Passersby enjoyed a soft jazzy tune that went perfectly with the first spring weather Sunday of the year.

Once again, I stood and took it all in. A three year old kid tried to throw four one dollar bills into their basket and three of them did not make it there and landed on the ground.

Instead of picking them up, he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I giggled.

I looked at my phone again, and it was now 5:45pm. I decided to end my Central Park adventure and walked out by 6th Avenue.

I had the best Sunday ever, and the only money I spent were my impulse buys, iced tea and Turbo Rocket, which amounted to a staggering $3. Visiting Central Park is by far one of the best free things to do in New York City.

Thank you, Central Park

I would love to hear your stories and your favorite things to do in Central Park or in New York. I encourage you to leave a comment with anything you would want to share.


  1. This just gave me chills as I could see myself in Central Park. Thank you!