The purpose Travel and Courage is simple: to help people travel with courage. I want to show you through this blog how to travel cheaper, better, and easier. I hope that this blog can also be an outlet for ideas, where we can all share our opinions and experiences pertaining to travel. I will give tips, hints, and advice to help everyone fall in love with the world the way I have. I will also guarantee an answer to any travel questions and concerns a Travel and Courage reader might have.

Why the name Travel and Courage?

Courage plays an important part in our lives, and I believe it is the foundation block of happiness. As human beings, we won't be happy unless we are challenged in life. We need courage to help us take on that challenge. We need it to step outside our comfort zone, and to conquer our fears. This ties into Travel, as traveling to a new place can be frightening and it does take courage. Once you find that courage though, the world opens up, and riding an elephant in Thailand while drinking a mojito, or, as others would say, "anything," is possible.

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