About Me

My name is Krystian Tomasiewicz. I'm a socially awkward college student who loves everything new, exciting, and sunny. I moved to the United States from Poland at the age of twelve and since then I've felt most challenged while being in a foreign place. My love for travel dates back to high school, when I decided to live in Japan for a year as a Rotary International Exchange Student. This experience flipped my life upside down, and I decided that what I want most in my life is travel. I want to feel that rush of adrenaline burning through my veins as I arrive in a new, unknown place. This is when I feel the most alive.

The purpose of this blog is to help and encourage others travel cheaper and better; to experience that perfect, yet mysterious,  balance of excitement and fear in your chest as often as possible. The message of this blog is simple: get off your arse and JUST TRAVEL.

Vienna, Austria

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