Thursday, April 3, 2014

5 Cheap Things to Do in Boston

Mike's Pastries
Chocolate chip cannoli from Mike's Pastry

You've made it to Boston. Congratulations. Here are a few things to do in Boston for cheap.

1. Harvard Square - not only do you get to immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Harvard University, but you also get to see hundreds of street performers work their craft. There is nothing better you could do than spend a few hours walking around the square and taking it all in. Tons of coffee shops and places you could grab a beer as well. Best part of it all: IT IS FREE. This is by far the best free thing to do in Boston

2. Fenway Park - Go to a ballgame! The atmosphere at Fenway Park is incredible. And even better, you can get tickets on for only $15. Fenway Park is small enough that even with cheap tickets, you can see all of the action.

3. Walk through North End - Do you like old fashioned neighborhoods? Cobble brick roads? Do you like sugary and fattening cannoli that make you happy as soon as you bite into them? I thought so. While in the North End, make sure to stop by Mike's Pastry for the most delicious cannoli ever. Heck, even Bill Clinton has had one.

4. Charles River Esplanade - This is a beautiful walking/jogging path alongside the Charles River. The river separates Boston from Cambridge, and on the Boston side, the Charles River Esplanade captivates visitors and locals alike. When you walk past tall trees and vast fields of greenery while seeing the reflections of the sun in the pretty river, you almost forget that you are in a modern, 21st century, city. And yes, the last time I checked walking around is free—even in America—so why not take advantage of it.

5. Boston Public Library - I am not a huge architecture buff, but this place really stimulates your senses. The acoustic structure of the building gently echoes the sounds of people's steps as well as their conversations. The old book smell follows you in and out of almost every room, and the rich details of the ceilings and walls captivate your eyes to the point where you can't look away. They even have a garden with a fountain where you can enjoy a good novel or a good meal. This free tourist attraction in Boston is a can't miss.

There it is folks: 5 cheap or free things to do in Boston. Now book that flight and visit this truly great American city. And if you know of any other great things to do in Boston please let me know by commenting below!

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