Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Easy Ways to Live Abroad for a Year

Trip to Kamakura with Friends (From my year abroad in Japan)
Living in a different country and doing the same day to day tasks as a local in that country is a life changing experience. In this day and age, where understanding other cultures is so critical, I believe that everyone should challenge themselves and just spend a year in a country of their choice. You might even learn a language. Here I'll give you the 5 easiest ways to live make living abroad happen.

1. Teach English
This is by far the easiest way to do it. Almost any developing country in the world is looking for English speakers to teach their children. You will most likely need a certificate in order to be able to teach but how easy is that, you already speak English. And better yet, a lot of times you will get paid, or have accommodations taken care off. Teaching English is the cheapest way to live abroad.

2. Study Abroad
If you are studying in college or university, this is your best option. Since a place to live will be covered in your tuition, you probably won't have to pay anything but the airfare. Close your eyes, imagine yourself eating lunch at a food market in China, or taking a tour of the Heineken Beer Brewery in Amsterdam. Now open your eyes and just go!

3. Crowd funding
In the days of the internet, it is very easy to crowd fund your trip abroad. You can't use Kickstarter, as Kickstarter is more for businesses, but there is a website called Indiegogo which allows people to fund almost anything. Offer to write thank you cards for $15 dollars, or sing a song for $40. Get creative and make people fall in love with you. If you succeed, you can spend a year abroad for free.

4. Work in Hospitality
There are resorts in every country and city in the world. If you are able to find a job working in a hotel as an attendant or waiter, you have gotten yourself a stable income and can definitely explore the country of your choice in your time off. There is always someone hiring as people usually don't work long careers in these sectors.

5. Volunteer
This is one of the other great ways to live abroad for a year. There are plenty of programs that let you volunteer in almost any country in the world. You will have the chance to explore a new land with the satisfaction of helping others and making this world a better place. For most programs, you will need to apply before hand. The process might be lengthy so make sure you plan this in advance. And if you don't have the money for a plane ticket, jump back up to point 3. and crowd-fund for your volunteering efforts.

So, how to live abroad for a year? I've just given you 5 easy ways to live in a foreign country for a year. Use this information to motive you, and see that with just a little effort you could make your dreams come true. And if you know of any other ways to earn a living abroad or simply live in a country for a year, please share these in the comments! I would love to hear your input.

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