Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What Cities to Visit in Poland

Before I start, Poland is my home country so yes, I am biased. With that being said, Poland still amazes me. It's beautiful, it has history, and it's more developed than you think. Here is a list of must visit cities in Poland.

First Light on the Kraków Main Square | Poland

Krakow - This city captures you. It survived war after war ever since it was built, yet it is still beautiful. The Old Town Square in the center of the city is known to be one of the prettiest town squares in Europe. Plenty of restaurants and coffee shops are scattered around the city, waiting for you to indulge in. And better yet, this city comes alive at night. Basement bars are full of vodka and friendly locals who might even invite you for dinner at their mom's house the next day

gdansk water reflections

Gdansk - A city located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Imagine the chilly wind blowing your hair out while you are out of breath, having just climbed a 14th century tower. You look down, and you see the prettiest Old Town you have ever seen. It's as if you can finally picture what living during the Middle Ages was like. You walk back down 400 steps—apparently elevators didn't exist in the 14th century—and you turn left. You enter a restaurant on a whim and asked to see the menu. On the menu are pierogis and polish sausage. You die from excitement as this couldn't get any better. Hey, at least you spent your last day on earth in Gdansk

Dusk in the center of Warsaw

Warsaw - This is the capital of Poland and you would know it just from setting your foot in this place. It's bustling capitalistic spirit, combined with all that is good about old Poland and its culture, make you never want to leave. Hostels are cheap, and even though it's the capital, you can get a great meal for $7 or less at any point in the day. If you want to experience the city lifestyle for cheap, I can't think of any better places in Europe than Warsaw.

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