Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 Reasons Why You Should Travel

Torun, Poland
1. LIFE IS SHORT - Too many people say the following, "I will travel once I make it and have enough money." Trust me, I once felt this way too. But I learned just how wrong that statement was. You will most likely never have enough money: there will be kids, a mortgage, and bills to pay. Moreover, delaying something for tomorrow is plain stupid once you realize that an average person lives for about 27,000 days. Now subtract your childhood from that, about 6,000 days, and that number plummets to 21,000. I believe life to be a precious gift and cringe at our society's idea of a good life—a big house, a sports car, and money in the bank. What is the point of wasting the short time we have on material things when you can learn Japanese, skinny-dip in the ocean, or run as fast as you can for no reason instead? This is why I travel.

2. FREEDOM - When I say I've never felt more free than when I'm on the road—I mean it. Travel empowers you to make your own decisions. There are no bosses or obligations. You can decide to go on a kayaking trip to Idaho and, once there, realize that you would rather hike instead because the mountains look so stunning. Travel gives you the freedom to make that decision and not feel guilty about it. You can come back from your hike, sweating and in pain, but with a smile on your face. You broke your own pattern and went all in on a completely spontaneous idea. This doesn't happen that often at home, now does it?

3. HUMANS - We love people. Even I, as an introvert, sometimes need a little company, conversation, or acknowledgment. I believe that every person has a story, an insight worth sharing. Being on the road enables you to meet hundreds of individuals that might look different but are more intwined with you than you've ever imagined. This is the beauty of our mysterious universe. I guarantee that while you travel, you will hear stories and create friendships which will stay with you till the end of your 27,000 days.


Please share and comment on why you think travel is important! I'd love to hear what everyone else has to say.

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  1. Some of us have a lot fewer than 27000 days left. This is amazing inspiration. Thank you for it!