Monday, May 5, 2014

What to Bring for a Trip Around the World

Guess I've Got That Old Traveling Bone

When backpacking around the world, I recommend packing light. You will have to carry everything you bring on your back and if you bring too much, you won't be able to walk long distances with it on. Here are a few items that are absolutely essential to bring on a year long trip around the world:
  • Kitchen utensils (small pot, one plastic bowl and cup, and a spork) - you will need these if trying to prepare meals by yourself in order to save money
  • Long underwear pants and shirt - since you are packing light, you can't bring a huge jacket and these long underpants and shirt are the best alternatives
  • Rain jacket - make sure it is light and waterproof. You never know what weather you might hit so invest in a decent one
  • Quick-dry travel towel - these are magical. They dry in about an hour, are thin, and absorb a lot of water. Get a larger one so that you can take it to the beach or on a picnic and lay on it
  • Warm hat and gloves - keeping your head warm will keep your body warm in lower temperatures. Buy a wool hat and a durable pair of gloves to keep you comfortable
  • 3 shirts, 3 pants/shorts, 3 pairs of socks and underwear - pack light. 3 of each will be plenty enough. You can always hand-wash your stuff in the sink or tub
  • Fleece - bring one fleece or hoodie to wear around the city, on airplanes, and at night. I always feel more comfortable with a fuzzy extra layer on, and a nice lightweight fleece does wonders
  • Medical kit - bandages, malaria pills, stomach flu pills, and some ibuprofen are ALL essential. They will keep you feeling better and help you continue your trip
  • Miscellaneous - (lighter, duck tape, handkerchief, headlight, whistle, nail clipper) these items are mostly needed when things don't go according to plan. That is why it is important that you have them with you at all times
Packing your life into a backpack can sometimes be overwhelming. I hope that this list gives new travelers some helpful tips on what to pack for a year round trip. Please comment with items that you find useful, as everyone is different, and I'm always open to new suggestions :D

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